The Home Of Spectra CMS

A new Content Management System built from the ground up to be safe, secure, and flexible.

Fully compatible with PHP version 8.3+

Download is Available.

Spectra is the most flexible and customizable Content Management System found anywhere. I created Spectra to be used at Coders Junction (my main website). It's not a fork, but a brand-new Content Management System. My design is focused on providing effortless installation, usage, and required tools for a successful website. Spectra offers a range of features, including containers, blocks, sniplets, plugins, modules, menu systems, articles, pages, download suites, image galleries, video galleries, and more.

I have tested Spectra extensively on multiple websites and corrected any minor errors as I go. I am confident that Spectra will be stable when I release it for download.

Please take some time to read all about Spectra while you're here and thanks for stopping by.

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